EVENT: JUHISSA Welcome Special & Orientation

From the Office of the Director of Socials Present: JosUniversity History And International Studies Students Association University of Jos, “JUHISSA WELCOME SPECIAL” Featuring… Music, Dance, Comedy & Lots more… DATE: 21st, June 2019. Orientation...


7 Types Of Mother In-Laws You Will Meet In Marriage

In Nigerian families, the mother-in-law plays a prominent role in your marriage.  Some men give them so much power that they are the ones who set the tone of your relationships with the family...


DaChat With Kamar Lima:‘Ojuelegba’ OR ‘Fall’ Which Song Has Done More For Afrobeat(s)

These days, the wider world is embracing Afrobeat/Afrobeats more and more. It is no longer much of a surprise when we notice Nigerian songs being played in Europe and America. Daily we wake up...